Rotala Wallichii ‘Mexicana’ [Bulk 200 pack]

Rotala Wallichii ‘Mexicana’ [Bulk 200 pack]


Light Needs:Medium
Size:width: 2-5cm
Growth Rate:Fast
Location:Midground – background

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Rotala Wallichii is an elegant stem plant found in soft, acidic bodies of water in southeast Asia.R. wallichii requires bright illumination, CO2 injection, and a balanced fertilization regime to thrive. Ample, steady amounts of CO2 is needed. Nitrate should be dosed for consistency, with smaller, more frequent doses being better. This plant grows best when nitrates are not allowed to reach zero but not kept over 20-25 ppm. R. wallichii appreciates relatively high phosphate levels (1-2 ppm) and heavy iron/micronutrient dosing. When conditions are good, this plant will reward the hobbyist with luxuriant, bright pink, orange, or deep red stems one inch or greater in diameter. Unfortunately, it is a frequent target of fish and invertebrates inclined to browse on aquatic vegetation.This Rotala forms luxurious, fluffy, pink groupings which grow to the water’s surface. When it gets too tall, R. wallichii can be pruned by cutting off the tops and leaving behind the rooted portions or uprooting the rooted portions and replanting the tops. Propagation can be performed by simply snipping off stems that are too tall and replanting them in the substrate.R. wallichii is often used in both Nature Aquarium style and Dutch style layouts as a colorful, reddish accent located in the midground or background.

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