Monosolenium tenerum ‘Pellia’ -Rock

Monosolenium tenerum ‘Pellia’ -Rock


Common Name: Pellia -Loose portion

Scentific Name:  Monosolenium tenerum ‘Pellia’ -Portion

M. tenerum could be described as a larger, darker, sinking version of Riccia fluitans. It is not difficult to grow and does well under a wide variety of conditions. However, it will grow much more robustly and look far more attractive in setups with ample light and carbon dioxide. M. tenerum can be propagated without any problems through division. M. tenerum does not attach to any substrate particularly well. It is far better to contain it in the same way one would Riccia. A good way to do that is to pile some on a flat stone and wrap with hairnet or thin fishing line.

The finished product may not look nice at first, but will soon grow into an attractive and uniform shrub that can be easily trimmed. Because M. tenerum is a popular hiding place for shrimp, be sure to examine the clump before passing some on . If the Monosolenium stone is allowed to grow too large, lower portions can die back. Since M. tenerum sinks naturally, it will not detach and float to the surface like Riccia. M. tenerum is relatively versatile and can be used for fore and midground plantings. Its dark green coloration provides a great contrast with lighter green foreground plants like Glossostigma elatinoides and Eleocharis parvulus. It looks good interspersed among such plants as variably sized hedges. Alternatively, it can be used as a true foreground plant, although that use is probably best reserved for larger tanks.

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