JBL Nedol 100ML

JBL Nedol 100ML


  • For the treatment of hair worms, pinworms, Camallanus worms and other nematodes
  • Infected fish become emaciated despite good feeding. The fish occasionally excrete white faeces, because of a damaged intestinal wall, which is then excreted along with it.
  • Camallanus worms are often easy to recognize with the naked eye, because they hang out of the fish’s anus at times

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JBL Nedol 100ML:

It is a nedication against hair worms (Capillaridae), pinworms (Oxyuirdae), camallanus worms (Camallanidae) and other nematodes in aquarium in fresh or salt water. The following general symptoms may indicate one of the aformentioned worm infections: The infested fish suffer an extrem loss of weight despite good feeding, occasionally, the fish excrete white, slimy faeces, because the parasites damage the internal wall, which is then excreted along with the faeces. Note: Slimy, white faeces may also be an indication of poor nutrition or a flagella infection, so that this symptom only indicates a roundworm infection if it occurs togehter with the other symptoms mentioned. Schooling fish loose weight and stay outside the school. Individual fish lie on the floor and make rotating movements. A Camallanus infection is relatively easy to recognise: The rear end of the red coloured female hangs out of the after of the infected fish intermittently in order to deposit larvae. With the exception of Camallanus cott, only a microscopic examination can provide a sure diagnosis.



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