JBL Clearmec Plus 600 ML

JBL Clearmec Plus 600 ML


  • Removal of nitrite, nitrate and phosphate from the aquarium: filter medium for the use inside aquarium filters
  • To use: material is already packed in two filter bags. Insert into filter
  • Withdrawal of nutrients from the water: counteracts excessive algae growth
  • 600 ml for 150 to 300 litres freshwater.
  • Package contents: 1 pack filter media. Incl. net bag, clip

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JBL Clearmec Plus 1L:

Plant and food remains and metabolic substances lead to a deterioration of the quality of the water in the aquarium. Good water quality is necessary for healthy fish and plants. This can be achieved with various filters and filer materials. The filters suck in the aquarium water and remove the pollution and waste materials with the filter material from the water.

JBL Clearmec plusis a mixture of fired clay pellets and special resins. It reduces the levels of all substances in the water which encourage the growth of unwanted algae. Phosphate, nitrite and nitrate are absorbed, without eliminating vital trace elements. The clay pellets promote colonisation by beneficial cleansing bacteria. The aquarium water becomes crystal-clear, providing ideal conditions for fish and plants.
JBL ClearMecplus is suitable for practically all filter systems. Simply place one or more net bags as the last layer in the filter after all other filter materials. Before use, rinse well in running water. JBL ClearMec plus should be replaced after approx. 3 months.
Phosphates and nitrates are the main nutrients of algae. Excessive levels of phosphates promote the undesirable growth of algae. The main sources of phosphates are fish feed and unsuitable aquaristic products which contain high levels of phosphate. JBL fish feeds are phosphate-reduced and only contain the minimum levels of phosphates which fish require to build a healthy bone system.


Measures to eliminate phosphates from the freshwater aquarium:

  •  Regular partial changes of water (1/3 every 2 weeks).
  •  Prepare the water with JBL Biotopol.
  •  Remove dead plant material to prevent the release of absorbed phosphates.
  •  Add JBL PhosEX to the filter. This highly effective filter material reliably removes even large quantities of phosphates.
  • JBL ClearMec plus may be used in the filter for small amounts of phosphate. This filter material removes nitrite and nitrate as well as phosphate.
  • Increase the number of plants. The more plants, the more phosphate is absorbed.



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