JBL Bactopond 500ML

JBL Bactopond 500ML


  • For water to suit both fish and plants: cleansing bacteria for the breakdown of biological contaminants in the garden pond (protein, ammonium/ammonia, nitrite)
  • Easy to use: calculate the amount needed, mix it with pond water in a watering can, pour it evenly over the pond
  • Healthy pond water: removal of excess nutrients by the break down of biological waste
  • Avoiding fish loss, preventing algae
  • Contents: bacteria for self-purification, BactoPond. Dosage: 40 ml per about 700 – 800 l pond water

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JBL Bactopond 500ML:

Plant and food remains, metabolic substances and leaves deteriorate the quality of the water in the garden pond. Good water quality is necessary to ensure the health of fish and plants. Each season makes different demands on the garden pond. A water test will help recognise deficits in the pond water so that you can take the necessary steps. Promotes the break down of bacteria.
Environmental influences, such as thunderstorms or acid rain or the prevalent reproduction of certain microorganisms can disturb the natural balance in the pond. BactoPond re-establishes the natural balance and thus supports the pond’s capacity for self-purification. BactoPond creates healthy and clean water through the organic removal of dangerous substances. BactoPond is easy to use.
Calculate the required quantity. Mix the required quantity with pond water in a watering can and spread it evenly over the pond. Use regularly every two weeks to support the pond’s self-purification. After heavy rainfalls or in case of a visibly disturbed balance of the pond environment. Do not bathe in swimming ponds for 24 hours after use.



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