Aglaonema Simplex (Terrarium Plant)

Aglaonema Simplex (Terrarium Plant)


Common Name: Malayan Sword
An easy to keep slow growing plant which can be placed in the midground. Usually used in paludariums and terrariums.
Plant Type:  Rhizome
Difficulty:  Easy
Light:  Low
Packing:  1 plant

DISCLAIMER: We will not provide pot with this plant.

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Common Name:   Malayan sword

Scientific Name:   Aglaonema simplex (Terrarium plant)

Aglaonema Simplex is not strictly classed as aquatic, they can survive just as well underwater as on boggy land. A very easy plant to grow that will not spread too quickly so maintenance is low. Aglaonema simplex is a rhizome plant. When first planting in the tank ensure that the rhizome is not fully submerged under the substrate or it will rot and the plant will die. Propagation is easy as the rhizome can be spit into smaller pieces and these can then be planted on the substrate. Easy, these plants may require fertilizer being used until they establish themselves in the tank.

DISCLAIMER: We will not provide pot with this plant.

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